About Us


You either know fashion, or you don’t. But we at Raaika surely do. We believe that though we can’t make your day perfect but we can surely make your outfit standout. Raaika is the brand of choice for every fashion-conscious, independent woman who wants to look good, feel great and have fun with her look. Designed for the sexy, modern women. Raaika is a label that embodies a sensual, sophisticated lifestyle, as dressing good reflects good manners. Our pieces are stylish yet sufficiently casual, our designs are super unique and is sure to add flair to your look book. We know that nothing haunts us like the things we don’t buy, that is the reason our clothes are affordable, we work hard to keep our prices fairest, while providing you with the best quality possible. Raaika presents eclectic apparels that are sure to leave you wanting more. Our garments aim to convey a message of minimalism and sophistication while paying great attention to details and confection. If you’re looking to step up your top game, Raaika is the place to do so. Happy shopping.


OUR VISION                            
Our vision is to become a recognized and a reputed brand that our customers trust. We want to establish a clothing line whose brand will be widely accepted and appreciated.
Our mission is to showcase quality, well-constructed fashion and to help women learn the difference between fashion and style, best with their unique personalities. We encourage the promotion of individualism through style and fashion at affordable prices.